Introducing 10xHealth

10xHealth is a business 35 years in the making. Its origins are in MedStat, a company Ernie Ludy founded in 1980 to introduce the concept of computerized analytics systems for managing the costs and risks of group health insurance that is now a standard throughout the industry.

In 2013, Ernie co-founded 10xHealth with Jay Chyung to build the next generation of risk management for insured healthcare. Central to our client commitment is our singular focus on capturing the “Quality Dividend” – the economic benefit of eliminating suboptimal care – and achieving a tenfold reduction in the medical cost trend..

To capture the Quality Dividend, and to identify and eliminate suboptimal care, we have created our Optimal Care Guidance System™ (OCGS) powered by our proprietary Member Risk Signature™ (MRS) technology.

The result: continuous quality improvement for members and a growth in medical costs steadily slowing to less than 1%.

Our Science — Member Risk Signature™

Our proprietary Member Risk Signature™ (MRS) technology is the foundation of our service offering. MRS continuously measures and tracks each member’s total risk for suboptimal care over time. We adapted Deming’s classic quality-cost theorem by introducing the concept of “member risk” to operationalize quality for insured healthcare. MRS identifies specific system risk drivers that will improve a member’s care risk in the context of their social risk, providing the specific intelligence needed to improve quality and eliminate the suboptimal care that drives excess costs.

Our Service — Optimal Care Guidance System™

Our Optimal Care Guidance System™ (OCGS) is a total risk-intelligence and operations platform. Powered by MRS technology, OCGS provides the “heavy lift” of ongoing surveillance, interventions and people needed to identify and eliminate the risk of suboptimal care. Offered as a service product and priced on a PMPM basis, OCGS integrates data, metrics, analytics, expert teams and IT to deliver an intelligence-ready environment. Our clinically-led 12-person 10xService Team, skilled in the continuous improvement, takes the lead in developing the intelligence and support needed to help clients collaboratively engage clinicians and members in the process of eliminating suboptimal care.

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Our Team

Ernie LudyChief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
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Jay ChyungChief Operating Officer & Co-Founder
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Bill SequeiraChief Technology Officer
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Don AntonucciChief Business Development Officer
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